"It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be."  - Paul Arden



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 “Be curious, not judgmental.”

- Walt Whitman


From The Closet

“Life is but a dream, within a dream.” - Shakespear



"Be who you needed when you were younger", says the internet.

Growing up is not an easy task, of-course. Keeping up with the societal pace, doing well in different phases of life horizontally and vertically can be really pressurizing.

As a teenager, or college-going adult, I struggled in various aspects of life - emotionally, intellectually, technically.

"Saloni Speaks", is an effort to help people like my younger self in the path of acquiring skills to be a better skilled Computer Science Engineer and in the path of being a better human at the ground level.

I wouldn't say that I had no guidance while I was growing up as a human, as a CS graduate and in other particulars of life. But, as I grew up struggling to choose my career path, likes, strengths, searching hard for legitimate information with limited skills, I always wanted to have someone who could  be my light in this journey.

So, the present and a wiser version of me decided to put my efforts (to try) being that someone in others's lives.

Being an aspiring Bachelor's student in Computer Science from a state-level college, GATE Exam brought a major directional goal in my life. However, the exposure I got about GATE and GATE related stuff came a bit late. Being in this position in 2016, I know apart from the mental stress, how emotionally draining this journey can be. Thanks to our forever self-doubting nature.

I did miss on to some good things, but, may be some things went well landing me to IIIT-D which was a life changing decision and I've never looked back since then. It is an unending journey of learning. I have gained much confidence in my technical and intellectual capabilities and started understanding life in a better way.

Everything that I jot down here is from the very intention of being someone I have longed to have the guidance from.


Thank you for staying up and reading.



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