I am Saloni and I speak, or as you see, write.

I am a Computer Science Engineer and have completed my Masters degree in Data Engineering from IIIT-D. I have 6 months work experience with Amazon as SDE Intern. Currently, I work with TCS Innovation labs as a Researcher.

I’ll start with the fact that I am an aggressive tea-lover, yet peace-loving. I have a strange liking for names – thoughtful names, to be precise. So, I already have thought the names of every potential business that I can ever start or anything that haven’t yet occurred. :p

Not really a traveler but apart from my home city Ludhiana, I have got the chance to explore New Delhi, Gurugram, Kerala, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Also, highlighting Mumbai for being the first city that I explored by myself 

Over the years, I have learnt and am still learning the skills of making a balance in all particulars of life – family, job, health, future, fun, emotional wellness and what not.

And, my love for Writing insists me to scribble the stories of my life here at ‘Saloni Speaks’.

Bonjour !

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