The Call from IIT Madras !

Okay !! So, the happiest moment that could ever had found its way into my life was — A Call from IIT Madras !
April 8, 2016 — the day when I thought all my sins washed away :p ( Sab paap dhul gye ), the day that didn’t let the curve around my lips go fader !
I was called for MS interview/written test at IIT Madras on 29-30th April. Yeah, this day. I should supposedly be writing the test IITM was supposed to conduct today. The test might be going on But ‘without’ me. This hurts actually ! I don’t know when this ‘getting hurt’ period is going to end.
I was so very excited about the call. But, because my family didn’t want me to go that far, I’m still here. Mumma says some dreams can’t be fulfilled because they are 2,178.8 km away. 🙁 The IIT tag couldn’t do the convincing. Nevertheless, I’m still hopeful for a good and securing future. Life can’t be hurting always, after all !
Waiting for the good days to come.

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