And then IIIT-D happened.. ! :D

After IIT Ropar, the best option I had was IIIT Delhi. It was 15th of June and I had to perform my best in the written test and interview else I would had to wait for DTU and some other options till the spot round. IIIT Delhi carries out the PG Admission process in 3 stages.
1. Shortlist candidates on the basis of Gate Score and UG percentage.
The formula is : 0.7*GateScore + 0.3* UG Percentage
My gate score is 621. So, for this calculation, it is assumed to be 62.1 and my UG percentage being 88, the result comes out to be 69.87. This time the cutoff was 61. This list of shortlisted candidates was announced on June 2 and we were instructed to report on 15th of June for the next stages.
2. Written test : The written test is an aptitude test of one hour duration that consists of 6-7 sections including Data interpretation, Numerical Ability, Reading comprehension, Logical ability etc. It had questions from probability, permutations, seating arrangement, speed-distance etc. The pattern was more complicated than the questions :p
A little practice would get you through this.
Well, I being in the last batch for the aptitude test had to sit for more than 2.5 hours for this 1 hour test because of server issues. And at one point, we were asked to restart or give a new test again. So, I gave 2 tests there. Damn! Too tiring.
The list was posted after 1-1.5 hours and I managed to see my name there. πŸ™‚
3. The interview : I, as always, being named from 19th alphabet - 'S' had to wait till 8-9 pm for my interview. I swear I had no energy to even stand. Nevertheless, I still managed to smile confidently and answer with lesser deviations.
I was interviewed by Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi and Dr. Saket Anand.
They asked me questions about my projects. I was honest and frank. They asked about the technologies I used to make those tiny-miny projects and was then fired questions from those like the speciality of Python. Then, he asked me to name some of my favorite subjects. TOC and OS, I mumbled. He asked me questions from Round Robin Scheduling and Paging. I could manage to answer them to some extent. I had an idea of what was being asked, what could be the possible answers and the interviewers do consider your approach.
I had hopes of getting selected , if not in the first, then, at least the second list.
The results were to be announced on 16th of June ( the very next day). I was travelling back to Ludhiana when I got the news about the announcement of the results. I checked the list as soon as I reached home. It had an entry named 'Saloni Baweja' πŸ™‚
My day was made. So waiting till 8-9 for the interview patiently didn't go to vain.
And, it was the first list.
Moreover, this time they didn't publish any second list. So, it was either the first list or never. My destiny chose the former for me. πŸ™‚
This marked the beginning of a new phase. With this, I hope to learn more and be a better version of myself. πŸ™‚

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