Beautifying Alerts

It was when I was tired of searching methods to beautify the alerts in my new Django based Question Answer Forum Application without much headache, that I found an awesome thing called ‘Sweet Alert’. Yeah !! The name sounds pretty cool, Right ? 😉 But, Nah ! You are getting it wrong. It isn’t any built-in or predefined JavaScript function but an awesome popup plugin created by the personality named Tristan Edwards and a contribution of many people who themselves were, perhaps, trying to figure out a way to beautify the alerts in a simple way…oops !! I should say in a ‘hard’ way coz it might have been hard for them to make things simple for others. 😀

Here’s a bit of what sweet alerts look like :

Not so Sweet Alert

Wait ! Wait ! Don’t be shocked ! That’s not How Sweet Alerts look. This is actually a typical JavaScript Alert.

Now, here’s the difference between JavaScript alerts and sweet alerts :

Sweet Alert 

Cool ! Isn’t it ?? 😀

Here are some more of Sweet Sweet alerts 😀

Sweet Alert 

Sweet Alert 

Sweet Alert 

If you still feel, these aren’t according to what you are looking for or you don’t like the color of the buttons, you can still customize it !!

So, read a lot about them, seen quite a few sweet Examples…Wanna use them in your own applications ?

Here’s the github link :

Here’s where I found them :  Sweet Alerts !

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