Does testosterone guarantee high intellect ?

Few weeks back, a small episode that occurred to me left me perplexed. I was boggled seeing the duplicitous behavior of people around me who claim themselves to be ‘ultra-modern’. I and one of my friends ( male friend ) were discussing the problems we faced while configuring our laptops. Coincidentally, we both encountered the same problems. The problem my friend discussed was genuinely heard and considered, whereas, later, when I dictated the same problem, the same bunch of people resorted to sarcasm, giving me the ironical salute for what I did while configuring my laptop. I was bewildered and flustered by the way they reacted to a problem that was genuine enough to be considered, but, since the one who narrated it, was a girl this time, so, they reacted indifferently. :/
This episode left me a bit perturbed and I began wondering about how hypocritical people are. On one side, they claim themselves to be ultra-modish, while, on the other side, they are still sticking to that illogical and imprudent mentality of girls/women belonging to a feeble and ‘not-so-mindful’ class.
Well, this was not the only event that impinged me and forced to write about this. Few days later, during a casual conversation, one of my seniors stated, ‘Ladkiyo k paas dimag nahi hota‘. This line too, did its work and left me dazed & worried. This, all, that happened, was so disheartening that, even, I started doubting myself. Am I, ( being a girl ) unmindful ? Am I not strong enough to compete with the other ‘so-very-mindful-considered’ category ? Is testosterone a measure of high intellect ?
Can’t we challenge the validity of such baseless beliefs ? Isn’t this a crucial matter to be thought upon ? Isn’t it ?

8 thoughts on “Does testosterone guarantee high intellect ?

  1. aah!
    Females all around the world goes through the same that you have just faced. Make it your mission to change this view the world has about girl’s abilities. You must have noticed many girls too consider themselves not at par with boys and that’s the biggest problem your gender is facing. I am going to do a seminar when the session starts on the topic “Being a woman”, and I want you to be helping me in that.
    I really salute your bold words and the view that you have put, God Bless, Proud ++.

  2. How I percieve this incident is that just because computers is a field majorly opted by boys, doesn’t mean girls can’t excel in it or perhaps be better. Shows the backward thinking of so called modern people. If they were indeed hi fi , they wouldn’t have reacted to it in such a way. If only there was Feminism in the world.
    And about the second statement, I would call it rudeness. “The less people know, the more stubbornly they know it.”

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