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Since I have been asked many times about the resources – online or offline that I used during my preparation, I thought of summing all this in one post.
Refer this: http://
For those wondering about buying the books, please stop. You can easily download the E-books with simple google search.
I didn’t read all the books mentioned in the link neither did I cover every topic from the ones I read.
What I used :
DBMS: Navathe
OS: Galvin
Discrete mathematics (Propositional logic): Kenneth Rosen
Computer networks: Forouzan
Digital Electronics: Morris Mano
Data Structures: Seymour Lipschutz
C Programming: Dennis Ritchie
You should also solve the back exercises of the books, the solutions of which can be found at ( See the previous blog for details on newgradience )
Video Lectures
Refer this: http://
I didn’t have much time to see these lectures but these are awesome sources esp. if you are majorly preparing from home. I only saw TOC lectures by Shai Simonson and they were wonderful.
Notes :
I’m providing the links for the notes I referred during my preparation. These are supposed to be Ace and Made easy hand made notes. But, I did find some faults while studying. So, don’t follow them blindly.
Personally, I found ACE notes more useful especially the mathematics part. There are good questions in probability and calculus pdfs. I referred to TOC, CN, Compiler design, bits of OS, Digital Electronics, bits of DS and algos from the ACE CS notes.
Here are the links :
ACE CS subjects
ACE mathematics
Made easy
From the last one, I referred bits of calculus and TOC.
And, most importantly, use Gate overflow for referring the solutions of previous years.
Hope this helps !
Good luck everyone ! 🙂

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  2. Hi Saloni,
    I was just seeking for some help, the link provided by you For ACE and MadeEasy are not working, can you please mail me out the notes?
    Thanks in Advance.

  3. ……wait what ? Did i just read an article which totally resembles my situation o_O. A very inspiring and honest article. This gave me a lot of motivation and a mini guide too. Kudos to you !!!!

  4. i am preparing for gate 2020 . so how should i study to get atleast top 100 rank . can you tell me how should i study or where should i start

  5. thank you so much mam ,may God bless you with the happinesses of the world and empower u with that what u want u in your life ….mam keep it up this is the very usefull thing which u r providing to new students which encourages and helps alot….thanks so much

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