Let's go beyond GATE CS ;)

During my preparation for GATE, I found  some notes that are supposed to be ACE notes. I’ve summed those links for CS stream in the previous post. But, I also bookmarked the links for GATE EE, ECE and GATE ME.
Since, I’m from CS stream, So I haven’t studied them and can’t guarantee them to be fault less. So, don’t follow them blindly. But, since the similar notes for CS were good. So, I believe they might prove to be helpful for EE, ECE and Mechanical stream.
Here are the links:
ACE EE/ECE notes
ACE ME notes
For ME video lectures apart from NPTEL : you can follow this person- Chandra Sekhar and subscribe to the you-tube link given.
For Engineering mathematics, please refer the previous post. I’ve given the maths link along with CS notes.

Good luck ! 🙂

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