Setting up the canvas

There comes many days in everyone’s life when you sit, introspect, make plans and decide to work on them. Like everyone else, I had those days too until this one day when I actually started working on what I have been planning to do from so long. And, that was, to restart being the creative and artistic person I have always been until a year or more ago. This time I wanted to start with one sort of art and not some random DIYs or doodles. I had seen so many hand painted canvases at art shops that it took me less than a second to realize what to start with. I began searching about the kind of paint used on canvas, how to paint on canvas etc. So, usually acrylic paint is used on canvas. In no time, I ordered the canvases, acrylic colors, brushes and whatever was needed. As I waited eagerly for the supplies to arrive, I had already imagined me making canvas art, hand-lettering quotes on canvas, painting thousands of things in my free time.

Since the day I started acrylic painting and making canvas art, it has been nothing but satisfying. The process is so involving. On a personal note, we should always look out for doing something beyond our work. Being an IT professional, I can only talk about the kind of life tech people have. I have seen so many friends and colleagues in search of some kind of completeness. Living away from your families can keep this feeling afloat for a longer time. No doubt, why young people like us seek for emotional support in the form of partners, girlfriends, boyfriends or whatever you name it. Well, I’m deviating from the context, but I really want to talk about this issue in some other post, may be. Long story short, find what you like as a hobby. Find something beyond your work.

Coming back to acrylic painting, I started with very basic and easy paintings. Searched randomly on youtube to learn the tips and tricks to start with. Learnt how to create an ombre effect with acrylics. And here’s the first canvas that I painted.

Acrylic Painting on canvas

I considered it as a good start for myself. Yayy! :p

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