Shaking Hands with Bresenham

As mentioned in previous blogs, along with the task of illustrating a perfect circle, we were also asked to study Bresenham’s circle drawing algorithm. In addition, we were handed a graph ( not the usual one, but the pixel graph) and were asked to plot the circle pixel-wise on it, followed by the C++ implementation of the same. We, were again set to traverse our paths that covered ‘our very own’ circle, more specifically,Bresenham’s circle, this time. It might seem simple but it wasn’t. May be, because, the graph was not the usual one and plotting a circle on it, needed the basic understanding of the above stated algorithm and the pixel aspect ratio i.e. the comparison of height and width of a pixel. This was why, in our initial attempts, we ended up drawing an ellipse here, too. It was as if we had to convince Bresenham to ‘shake hands’ with us, if not convinced, then force him to do so :p :p Later when we realized our mistake, we tried to associate the pixel-aspect-ratio thing with this graph. The pixel-ratio of the graph was 3/2 i.e. the height of the graph was about 30 units and the width was equivalent to 20 units.  After some tries, We, the Spiders, finally built our WEB 😉

   Here’s, what our web…oops!….no more ‘metaphors‘, now :p ….Here’s what ‘our very own‘ Circle looked like (on pixel graph)






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