Sins and Crimes in Operating System

       We’ve always heard the usual meaning of a Process and a Program. Technically, or In association with computers, the concept behind a program and a process is well explained in books. Recalling, the technical meaning, what I’ve learnt is as explained –  A process is a program in execution. A process is more than the program code which is sometimes, known as the Text Section. It also includes the current activity, as represented by the value of the program counter and the contents of processor’s registers. Program, by itself, is not a process. A Program is a passive entity such as the contents of a file stored on disk, whereas a process is an active entity, with a program counter specifying the next instruction to execute. This sums up the technically defined meaning of a process and a program. But, have we ever tried associating it with a different aspect. Ummmm, My answer indicates negation. No, I didn’t. However, I recently discovered the different side of this process-program notion. Here, comes the idea of Sins and Crimes in Operating system. It goes as…. Our Sins are equivalent to the Programs. They constitute the text-section that is made up in our minds. Crime is comparable to a Process, that is, a program in execution. In other words, Crime is a Sin in action. Similar to the program counter, there exists a Sin-counter that gets incremented, everytime we think of something bad or corrupt. Crime is an active entity and Sin is a passive entity. But, Remember, In the Eyes of The Almighty, The punishment for a sin and a crime is equivalent. Saying this, I would like to clarify, this doesn’t mean that you would, now,  prefer committing a crime than only thinking of doing it (Sin) :p :p Instead, we should even stop thinking bad. Wasn’t this different aspect interesting ? It truly, was.  In addition, it would have made the process-program concept clearer. So, To improve your Karma and also, the Operating System concepts, Don’t Forget, a Sin is a program and a Crime is a process 😉 🙂      

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