The Tertile Shift

From August to November, a quadrimester that I survived at IIIT-Delhi. Unlike GNDEC where things were pretty easy to get into, IIIT-Delhi being hard enough didn’t surprise me much. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, IIIT-D made me learn the difference between should and must. 

‘I must work, here’  because only ‘I should work’ doesn’t work at IIIT.

The Title: Why is it ‘The Tertile Shift‘ ? Tertile meaning one-third of something, defines a period of 4 months in a year or a quadrimester. This sums the changes and the learnings this period of 4 months brought to my life. Hence, the title Tertile Shift !

Before and During: 

Let’s not deviate from the title and go deeper into the quadrimester. Graduate Algorithms, Mobile Computing (Android), Data Mining – the 3 subjects I chose with Object Oriented Programming Design (OOPD) being the compulsory fourth subject. Being self-dubious, I never thought I would excel in any of these or even be able to complete the bare minimum things for these courses. However, I did develop some interest in Android and OOPD during the semester.

Let’s talk about Graduate Algorithms. This was the toughest of all. I never thought I could have survived GA being an above-average student in almost every test or exam. May be, I underestimated my thought process for the DP, D&C, Reduction problems :p and acted as a cry-baby being under-confident.

Post the shift:

I haven’t really mastered the things but, yes, I have definitely learnt a lot from-the concepts of OOP- to-Android-to basics of Data Mining-to- ‘not being self dubious’ and a lot more. I have a quite good web-application developed in Java named Smart-Health and a not-so-bad Android app named Smart-Laundry and a little confidence that I too can ponder over the ‘seemingly-tough DP, D&C, Reduction problems of Algorithmetc Design‘. Quite a good amount of learnings ! 🙂

I don’t know what word can define this, self-improvement or may be self-growing or may be ‘intra-improvement’, ‘intra-growing’ 😉 because this doesn’t concern others but happens within one self.

Anyway, from GNDEC to IIIT-D, this little self dubious girl has grown a lot(no matter what the results and grades be ) and I, hereby, express my gratitude to the unnamed people involved in this.

Thank you, guys. 🙂



3 thoughts on “The Tertile Shift

  1. What a great journey tilltoday!!Really so much inspiring,I am 2nd Year CSE student my dream is to be IITian and do research and i want to start from now so how should start organised preparation and i can’t join coaching due to some reason!Please help

  2. Soo Saloni Baweja the way you express your thoughts is more likely to get in love with you , all the best , preparing for GATE 2018

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