Why is HTML called HTML ?

HTML- HyperText Markup Language is a language for creating web pages. It is simply a language for designing Web documents. But, many of us do not understand, what does HTML, actually, stand for ?

HTML refers to HyperText Markup Language. This is what we all answer in just an instant, on being asked, what is HTML ?

We use these terms casually without knowing the real meaning behind it. But, Have you ever questioned.. Why markup ? Why HyperText?  What does this word markup mean here ?

The term markup comes from the book publishing industry. Before a book is type-set and printed, the copy editor reads the manuscript and puts marks on it. These marks tell the compositor how to format the text. For example, if the copy editor wants a part of a line to be printed in boldface, he or she draws a wavy-line under that part. In the same way, data for a web page is formatted for interpretation by a browser.

Let us clarify the idea using an example.

To make part of a text displayed in boldface with HTML, we put beginning and ending boldface tags, in the text as shown here :

<B> This is the text to be boldfaced. </B>.

The two tags <B>,</B> are instructions for the browser. When the browser sees these two marks, it knows that the text must be boldfaced. Thus the ‘M’ in HTML got its meaning.

Now, it’s the turn to remove the pall from the word ‘Hypertext’ …Here’s the meaning of ‘H’ , ‘T’ in HTML…..

HTML tells the browser how to display the contents of a HyperText document i.e a document containing text, images and other supporting media. Hence, it is named HyperText.

This is what completes the meaning of HTML and gave HTML, the name, HTML 😉


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